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Welcome to this fine terroir of Crete
and to our Boutique Winery surrounded by
magnificent vineyards. It is here that we
produce our fine portfolio of wine. Wines
all borne of this terroir in which the Klados
Family has been making wine since 1997.

We invite the visitor to engage with the
complexity of our wines, vinified from the
local red varieties of Kotsifali and Liatiko
and also of the noble Cabernet Sauvignon.
Of the white varieties, we vinify the excellent
local Vidiano, Muscat of Spina and the noble
Sauvignon Blanc.


1997 / 2007

The Winery is established and Vidiano is bottled for the first time

2008 / 2013

The Winery moves to new premises with state-of-the-art production facilities. Solar panels are installed to provide for production needs and new vineyards are planted

2014 / 2016

The second Klados generation takes the helm and the Great Hawk and Red Nest labels are launched. Wine tasting programs are commenced and exports to Germany begin

2018 / 2019

Rebranding of two varieties: Vidiano under the name of White Diva with the certification of Protected Geographical Indication Rethymno, and the rosé under the name of Blackbird

2020 / 2022

Further modernization of the production plant is under- taken and exports begin to the Canadian market. A facelift and rebranding is given to the Winery and exports begin to Holland, France and Austria.


"The Hunter" a new wine in our portfolio. A light red wine from the variety of Kotsifali.

The Team

Manolis Klados

Manolis Klados

Manolis is the founder of the winery in 1997.
A Chemist and Oenologist himself, he carries broad expertise and lifelong work experience in the winemaking industry since 1979.

Stelios Klados

Stelios Klados

Stelios was literally raised in the winery and it comes as no surprise that he graduated as a Chemist from the the University of Crete and accomplished postgraduate studies both in the Department of Oenology and Marketing in Piacenza, Italy and in the Department of Oenology of the Agricultural University of Athens.
Having further expanded his expertise in several winemaking fields in Piedmont, Italy, he has been in charge of the family winery since 2014, now standing for the second generation of Klados Winery.


Dimitris is an oenologist from the university of West Attica and certified sommelier. You can find him in the cellar, in the production area or in the tasting area ready to welcome you and help you understand all the secrets of the winemaking process.


Renata is the new member of our team! She is graduated as a food scientist from the International Hellenic University. You can find her in the tasting area ready to welcome you with a warm smile!


Gianni @ Klados Winery

Giannis is behind every detail of the daily work at the winery. He cares for the vineyards, and the vinification of the wine until it reaches the cellar.
Gianni has grown up caring for the terroir, and knows it well!

White Diva | Vidiano
His Queen | Sauvignon blanc
Blackbird | Kotsifali
The Great Hawk | Muscat of Spina | Vidiano
Her King | Cabernet Sauvignon



White Diva | Klados

White Diva

This unique white
Cretan variety is deeply rooted in the soil of Rethymno.
It is the most renowned ambassador of the
Cretan Vineyard, and is lovingly known as the «White Diva» of Crete!
Its fruity character is balanced with a distinctive and long aftertaste.


Blackbird | Klados


The traditional red variety of Crete.
Beloved food of the Blackbird,
after which it takes its name.
A dry rose wine with a character
that is refined and complex.


The Hunter

A red landmark variety of the
Cretan Vineyard.
This variety
determines the character of
many of the dry red wines in
this notable wine-producing
region of the Southern Aegean.

Muscat of Spina

The Great Hawk

The Great Hawk

With each new year
this fine mythological
bird returns in
abundance to protect
the grape harvest.
Perched on high
it watches over
each new vintage
to ensure the
most perfect aftertaste.


His Queen

His Queen

This noble variety,
the very underlying structure of
Cabernet Sauvignon,
takes on the most
potent vestiges
under the strong
Cretan Sun.
She reigns into eternity
and will always be
His Queen!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Her King

Her King

This noble variety,
borne of his Queen,
Sauvignon Blanc,
is redefined in this
fine blend with Liatiko,
indigenous to Crete.
The finest bouquet
lingers as we learn the art of
Noblesse Oblige.
Her King eternally.


We look forward to welcoming you to our Winery and to introduce you to the tastes and aromas of our wines.
During your visits you will have the opportunity to discover a unique experience of taste in the friendly environment that awaits you.

Wine Tasting
under the Pergola

Wine Tasting

Enjoy a visit to the vineyards,
the production area and the
cellar to be followed by a
Tasting of 6 wines.

Wine & Cheese

Wine & Cheese

Enjoy a visit to the vineyards, the production area and the cellar. You are then invited to a unique Wine-Tasting experience with the pairing of 6 wines and exceptional Cretan cheeses.

at the Winery

Events at the Klados Winery

We look forward to assisting you
with the organization of
your next event.
Contact us!

The Environs

And after your visit to the winery, there are of course so many interesting and beautiful things to do, sites to see, and the clearest blue sea to enjoy.
A stop for fresh fish at a traditional tavern, is a must do in order to enjoy the amazing view to the picturesque seaside villages of Panormo and Bali.


From the direction of Rethymno:

Turn right at the Panormo-Perama Interchange. At the Crossroads turn immediately right again.
Pass under the bridge of the National Road and turn right again.
Continue for 300 m and at the Exit of the National Road (going towards Rethymno) you will see on your left a cement road that goes uphill.
Take this rise in the road and descend the other side and take the road parallel to the National Road in the direction of Heraklion (leaving the National Road on your right).
Continue for 700m and after another 200 m round to the left, and you will reach the Winery.

From the direction of Heraklion:

Turn right at the Panormo-Perama Interchange. As soon as you turn, on the roundabout after 30 m, turn right in order to get onto the road parallel to the National Road in the direction of Heraklion (leaving the National Road on your right).
Continue for 700 m and after another 200 m round to the left, and you will reach the Winery.