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The KLADOS Winery is a family business company founded in 1997 by Emmanuel Klados, who has been a chemist-oenologist since 1979.
The initial facility was a small building in the municipality of Rethymnon and had a production of about 20,000 liters of wine per year.
The production kept increasing constantly every year and in 2000 the first steps in bottling were made, with a local wine variety named Vidiano.
We are one of the first wineries that tried to highlight this particular and rare variety.

Klados vineyard

In 2007 the winery relocated to Skepasti – Rethymno, in a modern building of 700 square meters and its equipment was significantly enhanced with high-tech machinery for production and bottling.

In 2012, the winery improved its energy efficiency by the installation of photovoltaic panels while since 2013 it has been surrounded by a vineyard where the local white variety of Vidiano is grown, according to the biological standards of BIO.

In 2014, the business was transferred to the next generation of
the family.
Stelios, who grew up in the winery, is a graduate of the department of Chemistry – University of Crete. He has also earned his first Master’s degree in Oenology and Marketing at the University of Piacenza in Italy and after that, he completed his studies by earning another Master’s degree in Oenology at the Agricultural University of Athens.

The winery has been visitable since 2015.
In 2020, new equipment was purchased and the winery facilities were modernized.

Today, approximately 100,000 litres of wine are produced every year.

High quality red wine varieties of Kotsifali,
Liatiko and Cabernet Sauvignon
as well as white wine varieties of
Vidiano, Muscat of Spina and
Sauvignon Blanc are produced.