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Product Name:
Her King
Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 80%
Liatiko 20%
Category: Varietal Wine of Crete
Vintage: 2021
Ageing: 7 -8 years
Volume: 14% vol / Acidity: 5.6g/l / pH: 3.65
Remaining Sugars: 0.2 g/l
Vineyard: Gallos Rethymno
Altitude: 300 m
Age: 11 years


Cabernet Sauvignon:
This French variety of world-renown
is considered to be the king of
all varieties. This vine thrives
the world over and is considered
to be one of the finest varieties
or ageing. The wine wrought from
this variety are easily distinguishable
due to its deep ruby colour, intense
body, high content in tannins and
the characteristic aromatic presence.
One of the oldest red varieties
of Crete. The wine wrought from
this variety is of high alcholic volume,
a soft taste and fast ageing capabilities.
A wine that may be distinguished by
its strong aroma, and soft colour.


The grape is harvested by hand, in the
first week of September. The grapes are
selected with the greatest of care from
the vine and the collection of the must
is carried out with gentle pressure.
The must is decanted at a low temperature
for a few hours and the vinification
commences at between 16 -19° C.
The wine is then decanted and is left
to rest in the lees for approximately
two months.


Deep ruby red. Complex aroma of
cherry, blackberry and plum, with
cinnamon, carnation, licorice and
chocolate. A rich full mouth with
a perfect balance of alchohol,
acidity and tannins. A long and
intense aftertaste.
To be served at 14 -16° C and
is the perfect accompaniment
to game, stewed meat and a large
selection of cheese.


Her King: Cabernet Sauvignon
is the King of the red varieties,
which combined with the Cretan
Liatiko, results in an aromatic
and balanced blend. Without
Sauvignon Blanc, this blend
would not exist, which is
precisely why it is named
Her King.

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