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His Queen

Product Name:
His Queen

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc 100%
Category: Varietal Wine of Crete
Vintage: 2023
Ageing: 2 – 3 years
Volume: 13% vol / Acidity: 6 g/l / pH: 3.4
Remaining Sugars: 0.29g/l
Vineyard: Peza Hrakleio
Terrain: Clay
Altitude: 400 m
Age: 11 years
Area Yield: 12 tn/ha


Sauvignon Blanc:
The most internationally renowned
aromatic white variety. Due to its
rich aromatic dynamic this grape
is considered irreplaceable and
has won the title of “well-travelled”.
It is cultivated world-wide and has
proven to be adaptable as a variety,
earning the “cosmopolitan”
denomination it deserves.
The wine wrought from Sauvignon
Blanc has a pleasant aroma and taste,
refreshing acidity and an aromatic
bouquet of grapefruit, melon and
exotic fruit. It is to be found in varying
vestiges, depending on the area in
which it is cultivated, and the vinification
processes used.


The grape is harvested by hand, in the
first week of September. The grapes are
selected with the greatest of care from
the vine andthe collection of the must
is carried out with gentle pressure.
The must is decanted at a low temperature
for a few hours and the vinification
commences at between 16°- 19°C.
The wine is then decanted and is left
to rest in the lees for approximately
two months.


Bright and soft yellow-golden
hue. Complex aroma of exotic
fruits, such as passionfruit and mango,
with the characteristic herbal
aroma of this variety. Fruity
in the mouth, with a crisp acidity.
A long and intense aftertaste.
To be served at 9-11°C and
is the perfect accompaniment
to seafood.


His Queen: This is the Queen
of white varieties. Without her
presence Cabernet Sauvignon
would not have been discovered.
Ask for her other half –
Her King

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