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White Diva

The story behind the label and the Experience

by Anna Sofoulaki – Sommelier

This our label wishing to introduce you to the star variety of the
Cretan vineyard, Vidiano, and further invite you to an exciting
journey that goes beyond what we could have imagined when we launched one of
the first bottled wines from Vidiano on the island, back to 1999.

Its journey started from the old vineyards of Rethymno region, in
the foothills of the dominant mountain range of the island, Psiloritis, where hundred years old vines are grown ungrafted on schist soils and at altitudes that exceed 800 meters.

In its home place, Rethymno and generally in Crete, Vidiano was never part of the discussion, until the late nineties.. But never say never..
Vidiano is now the White Diva of the Cretan vineyard, one of the cosmopolitan grapes of the world.

Scientists from some of the major wine producing countries around
the world, like Chile, Argentina, Australia and Italy, allied with local pioneers as to
discover what they deemed as a treasure, namely the
properties of Vidiano grape, that contribute to wines of remarkable
freshness and high organoleptic qualities in a world of ongoing climate
change, where heat and drought conditions challenge viticultural and
oenological practices as we know them.

This is no surprise, since Vidiano possesses the magic recipe :
Combination of fruit, mineral, freshness and texture.
Elegance that surpasses hardships and keeps rising above, created a
promising future for Vidiano in faraway lands, where it is now
adopted with care and grace..

The White Diva is the original Cretan star that opts for the classic fruity, mineral style. Aromas of peach, apricot and bergamot are prevailing, with gentle, elegant notes of herbs and a crisp palate of fresh stone fruit, make it a delicious choice to enjoy by the glass, but also a fantastic
gastronomical wine that matches perfectly with dishes like grilled lamb with apricots and mash.

How would it feel to discover for yourselves ” the magic recipe”
that has constituted Vidiano the most distinguished variety of the Cretan vineyard?

Simply join one of our wine tasting sessions under the pergola that
overlooks our organic Vidiano vineyard and let your senses explore
the peaceful landscape and the uplifting characteristics of the
White Diva.

Thanks for the resources to Wines of Crete – Protected Geographical Indication Crete- Vidiano – Yiannis Karakasis MW.