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Product Name:
The Great Hawk
Varieties: Muscat of Spina 60% – Vidiano 40%
Category: Varietal Wine of Crete
Vintage: 2022
Ageing: 2 – 3 years
Volume: 13.5% vol / Acidity: 7g/l / pH: 3.25
Remaining Sugar: 1g/l
Vineyard: Peza Hrakleio
Terrain: Clay
Altitude: 400 m
Age: 11 years
Area Yield: 12tn/ha


Μuscat of Spina:
This is one οf the most
revered local varieties, which has
been cultivated both here in Crete,
and also abroad for generations.
The clone of Muscat is a treasure
which bears small grapes, and its
name is derived from the area of
Spina, close to Chania. This variety
is famous for its explosive aroma
and the thin skin of the grape,
which gives the fine, pleasantly dry
character, to the wine it produces.

A classic, indigenous and aromatic
variety with roots and origins
from Rethymno. A very distinctive
variety with a fine aroma, and a
light yellow-green hue. It renders
a well-balanced taste and is ideal for
ageing experimentation in the barrel.
Vidiano is the most renowned
representative of the Cretan Vineyard,
and is considered locally to be the
White Diva of the Island.


Bright and soft yellow-green hue.
Complex aroma of blossom,
such as jasmine, gardenia and
lemon blossom, and also of exotic
fruits and peach which complete
the bouquet of this wine.
Rich in the mouth, and with
well-balanced acidity. A long and
intense aftertaste.
To be served at 7-9°C and is
the perfect accompaniment to
seafood and salad.


The Great Hawk:
The hawk is an emblematic and
aristocratic bird, which is to be
found in abundance in the
surrounds of the winery,
in search of food.
The Hawk protects the vineyard
by fending off predators and
thereby safe-guarding the grapes.
The historical and mythological
symbolism of this bird is great.
The Hawk was purported to
be the protector and teacher
of Jupiter at the Cave of
Idaion Antros: a cave very
close to the winery.

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