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Product Name: White Diva
Variety: Vidiano 100%
Category: Protected Geographical Indication Rethymno
Vintage: 2021
Ageing: 4 years
Volume: 13% vol / Acidity: 6.4g/l / pH: 3.35
Remaining Sugars: 0.5g/l
Vineyard: Aloides Milopotamou
Terrain: Sand – Clay
Altitude: 400m
Age: 10 years
Area Yield: 11tn/ha


This historic, indigenous and
aromatic variety is the most valued
of the Cretan vineyard. This variety
with deep root in Rethymno is ideal
for vinification and may be
identified by its fine aroma, bright,
light yellow-green hues. It has a
balanced taste and is ideal for interesting
experimentation with ageing in the
barrel. Vidiano is the most noted
variety of the Cretan vineyard and
has rightfully been awarded the
title of “white diva” of the Island.


The grape is harvested by hand,
between 10 and 20 September.
The grapes are selected from the vine
with the greatest of care and
the collectionof the must is carried
out with gentle pressure.
The must is decanted at a low
temperature for a few hours and
the vinification commences at
between 15ο C-18ο C. When the
vinification process is completed,
the wine is decanted and remains
in contact with the lees
for three months.


Bright and soft yellow-golden
hue. Complex aroma of exotic
fruit, such as citrus and grapefuit,
with the characteristic herbal
aroma of this variety. Fruity
in the mouth, with a crisp acidity.
A long and intense aftertaste.
To be served at 9οC-11OC and
is the perfect accompaniment
to seafood.


White Diva:
Vidiano is recognized as the
most dynamic variety of the
Cretan Vineyard, and has
rightfully been named the
“White Diva” of the Island